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Welcome to the Freedom From Alcohol web site. 

It is important to note before we start that there is no substitute for medical and other professional help when it comes to treating addictions. Although the contents of this website can be very helpful as an aid to recovery, it is strongly advised that this site be used in conjunction with professional treatment.

We hope you benefit from your visit. Don't forget to take part in the forum which we think will help greatly by discussing tips, problems and experiences with other members.

Alcohol abuse is becoming more and more of a problem. The times we are living in are causing stress in almost all aspects of our lives. With the world economy in the state it is many of us are losing our jobs, our homes and our self respect. No wonder so many of as are turning to alcohol amongst other things to try to cope with life.

This site is designed to help and supplement your recovery from alcohol addiction. There are a few basic articles which I hope will be useful to you. However the main advantage of this site is the use of it's various sections.

Useful Contacts

This section lists many organisations that will be helpful to you in giving information on various aspects of addiction and awareness. Most of these have their own websites which you can access by clicking on the image to the left of their description.


The forum is probably the most useful section as it allows you to communicate with other site users regarding your thoughts and experiences. You can share ideas and discuss any issues you feel strongly about.

Useful Products

Here you will find guides and accessories to help supplement your recovery.

So please take your time to look through the sections of this site. But always bear in mind that you will need to use these in conjunction with professional help. In the first instance if you feel you have a problem contact your GP to discuss treatment.

I hope you find the Freedom From Alcohol website useful.


Rob Newell

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